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Производство промышленных красок

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LLC "Holding Company" Pigment "- Russia's oldest company in the development and production of paints for different purposes and polymer resins.
The history of "pigment" of the company begins from 1839, when the first factory for the production of paints and varnishes for the Baltic Shipbuilding and Putilov plant was built. The company was a supplier of the Imperial Court.
Dates of foundation of other plants belonging to the company "Pigment":. 1858, 1867, 1876.. continue to reflect the history of the Russian paint industry. In the future, "pigment" has become the flagship of the Russian paint industry.
Today, the company "Pigment" - one of the largest chemical companies of Russia. The structure of "pigment" includes Scientific Research and Design Institute, which conducts research, development of paints to customer requirements, design production, and several factories engaged in large-capacity output, as well as other structures.
company "Pigment" strategy is based on the creation of high-tech materials: Special paints and varnishes (LMC) for shipbuilding and ship repair complex systems, protective coatings for oil and gas production and processing industry, anti-corrosion and chemically resistant coatings for metals, mechanical engineering and instrumentation, transportation, as well as coatings for industrial and civil construction.
Each of these areas is characterized by an integrated approach to solving tasks, including research, development, implementation and development of the industrial production of innovative coatings and coating systems having high barrier properties in a variety of climatic conditions, resistance to acids, alkalis, electric shock, drop temperatures, the possibility of application in aqueous medium and other properties.
"Pigment" is always in the forefront of the introduction of advanced technologies. For the first time in Russia on company facilities have been designed and implemented environmentally friendly coatings - water dispersion and powder paints, liquid epoxy materials, solvent-free paints and high solids materials on a "stealth". The production of such materials is equipped with modern imported equipment.
The holding company "Pigment" certified quality management system according to ISO 9001-2001 and ISO 9001: 2000.